Wednesday, November 02, 2011

All saints day

I took the kids to my in-laws' place to visit my husband's grandmother on all saints' day. As usual, the place, The Garden of Memories in Pateros, Metro Manila is full of people so we had a hard time getting inside the cemetery. When we're there, its like we had a small reunion, ate, talked, and stayed there for a couple of hours, enjoying a break from our usual routine. The kids played in the grass as if we were having a picnic in the park. Its great to expose the children in this kind of tradition so they will know the importance of close family ties. They will also get to know their other relatives and be familiar with them. This is the usual celebration of all saints' day here in the Philippines, taking a break from work to visit the deceased loved ones and be with their relatives at least every all saints' day. The family is the most important thing to us and so it is really important to take a break during these holidays and reunite with the family.