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Top Ten Christmas Movies I Grew Up With

When I was a kid, I was not the type who's very excited about Christmas parties and Family reunions. I'm the "Couch Potato" Type, spending hours of watching movies especially during the Christmas eve (thank God for the cable channels). For almost 25 years of celebrating Christmas, I eventually grew up with a lot of Christmas Movies being shown each year, and now that I have kids, they might as well grow watching those movies too. Here are my Top 5 Christmas Movies I grew up with.

5. The Grinch. This Character created by Dr. Seuss was portrayed by Jim Carrey in the 2000 film adaptation of the book "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" which was published in 1957. Mr. Carrey played the character so well that I've hated him (as a kid) for stealing the Christmas presents for the kids and ruining Christmas.
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4. Edward Scissorhands. Starring in this movie was Wynona Ryder as the Teenage Girl named Kim who fell in love with Edward Scissorhands, Played by Johnny Depp. This unconventional and odd lovestory and the gentleness of Edward despite him having scissor hands have made this movie on my "Christmas movie marathon list".
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3. The Harry Potter Series. I've spent half of my life waiting for the sequel of each movies each year and was among the movies I'll never get tired of watching over and over. Some of the scenes depicted Christmas with Ron, Hermione, and Harry exchanging gifts while spending Christmas in the holiday-decorated Hogwarts.
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2. The Home Alone Series. Who wouldn't know Kevin McCallister, the boy who was always left alone on Christmas? This Smart adorable kid played by Macauly Caulkin send me laughing my heart out as he dealt hilariously with two "would-be-burglars" Harry and Marv which fell to his trap as they planned to rob the McCallister's house. No doubt this movie was hailed as The Highest Grossing Comedy Film of All Time.
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1. The Nativity. I've watched this 1978 film on a betamax, a vintage video player which was fed by a large rectangular tape, the same size as a regular notebook which was famous during the 90's. Though the rise of the modern gadgets eradicated the betamax, it has never erased this wonderful story preserved on the film. We can still read the nativity of Jesus Christ in the bible and remember always that the spirit of Christmas is not about parties, gifts, festivities, and "drunken-ness". Christmas is about family, love, and sharing, and the birth of the little boy laid to the manger, surrounded by Mary, Joseph, The Sheperds, and the Angels, proclaiming him as the savior of mankind. Let us not forget above anything else to greet our baby Jesus a Happy Birthday! :)

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